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PlutoSDR modifications for anyone…


Modification boards for PlutoSDR

We offer you a one time limited edition of our newly designed TCXO modification board for PlutoSDR while stocks last.


We have developed a new V2.0 version based on a better TCXO with only 0.2ppm!!!
Currently working on the prototype evaluation and once satisfied we will have a batch run of these new improved TCXO boards produced in a SMD factory.

If you want to be put on the waiting list please use the contact form on this page and let us know your e-mail adress and the amount of boards you would be interested in. We would keep you informed by mail on the development progress and availability.

The V1.0 board offered the following features:

  • High stability, low drift TCXO modification board.
  • Based on the well proven ABRACON VCTCXO ASVTX-13-C-40.000-I05-T
    (40 MHz, 1.8v, 0.5ppm)
  • Using a Bourns high precision multi turn potentiometer for adjusting the frequency correction to set the clock to EXACTLY 40 MHz
  • Mounted away from the heat generating TRX chip for enhanced stability
  • PCB size 7 x 15mm. The height fits into the available space inside of the original PlutoSDR enclosure
  • Professionally produced with all SMD components pre-soldered in a commercial SMD fabricating house

This breakout board has been specifically developed for those hams that are not comfortable with soldering tiny 1.6 x 2mm TCXO units into their Pluto SDRs and would prefer to have a larger more easy to solder alternative available.

PlutoSDR VCTXCO board.

“Stick it into your Pluto, hookup three wires and you’re ready to go…”

Pluto modification has never been this easy…

One time Limited Edition factory batch run. Available whilst stocks last !

Important recommendation:
You should have had at least some previous SMD soldering experience. Ideally this is not your very first SMD project. Otherwise we recommend you to seek help from a fellow ham in your neighbourhood to help you solder this modification board into your PlutoSDR.

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Before being able to install this modification board into your PlutoSDR you need to either disable the internal oscillator or to completely remove it. The most easy process is to disable the original Rakon oscilator by grounding the E/D pin (Enable/Disable function).  But removing it gives slightly easier access to the clock pin and needs no additional decoupling C. Both methods work fine.

We also recommend strongly to add some heat dissipators to the FPGA and TRX chips for additional improvement of stability. The most easy way of doing so is to order a self adhesive heat sink set for Raspberry Pi. They fit very nicely onto the chips of the ADALM Pluto SDR and are very quickly mounted.

Download the mounting instructions:
Download PlutoSDR Modification Board Instructions V1.0 (PDF) here…

YouTube video demonstration on easy removal of the original PlutoSDR oscillator: